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Podhod is short for russian
«Razumniy Podhod»,
our russian name, means Rational Approach

We are familiar with Russian media scene adopted to out-of-the-box solutions and sensible to emotional and technical shades of Russian business. It empowers us to catch business’ drift through each communication channel.

We design and develop IT solutions, providing you with ability to make a name of yourself in front of primary audience: quick, reasonable and effective.

Vladimir Soloviev
Lead Designer

Maxim Andrianov
Media Producer

Gennady Velichko

Boris Echmaev

«Rational Approach» is our name and philosophy. Our talents are better decisions and ultimate solutions, so you can always be sure to get best media product and core market communication. We pick lowest fruits on the tree for a simple fixes and highest ones as the case may be. 

Our core activity is web design. Podhod is major in web projects development, user interfaces, digital and media design. Also we create booklets, leaflets, brochures, newspapers and other printed matter you need for promotion and communication.

Our logo begins with a typographical end symbol ¶ (pilcrow, capitulum), symbolizing that the Podhod is behind everything.

Podhod works since 14 May, 2005.

TPC Variant sells titanium and nickel in the form of sheets, rods, wire and other billets. The company has a constant huge assortment in its own warehouse.

We have made a digital representation of the company with a product catalog for easy sale of noble metals.

Uniel is the light engineering company, manufacturing lightning and electrical equipment for industries and ultimate customers. Company is focused on environment protection, offering green jobs and inventing energy saving solutions.

We designed corporate site and created large-scale directory with categories and page layouts. Website contains sales, marketing and design engineer kits. Consumer section provides product specifications and service partner’s contacts.

Scientific-Production Association RTI is a high-tech company that is an expert in the magnetic resonance imaging industry. RTI creates MRI centers, equips MRI rooms, and services tomographs in Russia and the CIS.

We created the company’s style, product and service catalog website and printed materials design.

«Ecosphere» is a digital magazine about environmental problems and topics in a modern language and with an up-to-date form of presentation. Short news, longreads, video programs.

We created a logo and a news site for Ecosphere.

Lukino is eco-farm located in Tula region. Lukino farms animals, vegetables and greens, has own commissary department.

We designed e-commerce site with handicraft loyalty program. Reward points earned by orders and completing tasks are spent on farmer’s goods and special courtesy.

We have a strong partnership with municipal administration of Chernogolovka, famous science town of the Russian Federation. We design events and ornament a Town Day. Most of election campaigns we have supported with printed media were successful. We have created Municipality Site and gazette, town magazine, news site and town logo.

ArtX is a major diversified state IT company. We’ve created design kit and website of internal MyLAN brand (ISP). Either we’ve designed advertising campaign kit with PoS and direct mail content promoting ISP sales.

Vampire’s Gold Logic Puzzle is a block pushing puzzle game — move rocks, gather coins and don’t get caught by the vampires.

An array of mechanics is based on step-by-step moves: your hero pushes any rock and goes left, right, up and down, while vampires move in all 8 directions. Deceptively simple at a first glance, yet not easy to solve. Uniquely challenging levels with only a couple of correct solutions.

Collect the gold in the maze with the vampires by moving the walls.

  • 100 unique levels
  • New simple game-play mechanics
  • Challenge for your friends
  • Fun experience suitable for all ages

Tags: game, vampire, vampires, gold, logic, labyrinth,
free, turn, puzzle, logic, chess, podhod

Release: Aug 23, 2017
Gamy type: Turn-based Puzzle
Price: Free / 2$
Platform: Android
Age limit: 7+
Avaliable from Google Play and itch.io
Video: Release Trailer and vertical version
Press kit: Screenshots, Logos, Game art
Facebook: Vampire’s Gold

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