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The Stereoscope is designed for a wide range of users. Handheld, compact and lightweight. It is made of plywood. Comes in a set of 3 parts, which are easily assembled by glueless method. The design of the stereoscope was based on the technical ideas of Jules Richard’s mass stereoscope of the early 20th century. The stereo cards for this model are made of 1.2 mm thick binding cardboard, with laminated/embossed stereo photos of 140×70 mm format. The standard set of 12 cards.

An important plus of this model is the ability to view stereo photos from a regular smartphone. The instructions included with the stereoscope tell you how to take your own stereo photos and view them on the stereoscope.

All stereoscopes are shipped in a kraft box.

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Wooden Stereoscope and 12 stereophoto cards

Original price was: 2 500,00€.Current price is: 1 800,00€.